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New Day Capital Campaign


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It is time for Cana to be free for faithful ministry. We have two key barriers: our debt of about $730,000 and our shabby buildings. These create barriers to expanding ministry because $144,000 we pay to debt per year is not advancing the gospel, and our building’s condition inhibits our productivity. The New Day Capital Plan is a two-year focused effort to become debt free while advancing our building usage needs.

Bible Teaching

Thoughts about Abiding with Christ - 1 John 2:28-29

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We mimic him to whom we belong. John speaks of our behavior as evidence of our belonging. The meaning of abide unfolds a bit in this passage. Abiding indicates a constant experience of God’s presence. The power to change, then, is found in the reality of God’s power. I can’t spend a moment in God’s presence without being changed in some fundamental way.

Cana Life

Music Vision Series:

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Music is a gift from God in its many forms, used by people to either worship themselves or to worship the Lord. Music styles vary and we usually have our preferences. For instance, I don’t love country music but I like some (gospel) hip-hop. Psalm 149 commands God’s people to “Sing to the Lord a new song, His praise in the assembly of the godly.”

Culture Engagement

Culture Event: Men Need a Group

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Men, are you in a small group? Coming September 20, 2019, Cana will host Sawdust: A Cana Men’s Event. We will welcome Adam Lethco to present his story of faith and demonstrate his professional lumberjack skills. Adam is a Stihl Timbersport Athlete. He travels and competes around the world at ranked competitions.


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